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FT8,T5 Tube Light Making Machine Assembly Line
  • FT8,T5 Tube Light Making Machine Assembly Line

T8,T5 Tube Light Making Machine Assembly Line

Item No.:T8,T5 Tube Light Packing Machine

    T8,T5 Tube Light Packing Machine Packing Line

    Tube Light Assembly Machine/ Tube Light Making Machine/ LED Tube Light Manufacturing Machine


    This equipment is suitable for all kinds of electronic appliances and lighting manufacturers, specializing in flow assembly and packaging. The power system adopts variable frequency speed control system, which is stable in performance, safe and reliable, and easy to operate.


    It adopts 750W motor, WPS60 type 1:60 reducer, China famous brand 1HP inverter, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, line speed 1-6M/min adjustable.


    The racks are all made of 40×40 rectangular steel tubes(The steel thickness is 1.2 mm). The support is made of Φ25mm galvanized roller, arranged at intervals of 250mm/branch; the legs are equipped with galvanized adjustable foot cups; the head guards are formed by 1.2mm cold plate bending. The fuselage is 2 meters long.

    Conveying Belt:

    It adopts the imported high-quality green light-transporting special PVC belt from the Netherlands, with a thickness of 2mm, a width of 400mm and a total length of 26 m.

    Working Board:

    Opposite seated long workbench, the specification is 10000×350×950mm, the support frame is made of 40×20 rectangular steel pipe(the steel thickness is 1.2 mm), 30L angle iron support; the platen is made of high quality 15mm wood splint, the face is covered with green anti-static rubber, green The T-shaped strip is wrapped; the two sides of the fuselage are arranged.

    Electric Box:

    The entire line of electrical control is completed by a distribution box, in which the working power is controlled by two left and right.


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