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FTube Light Glue Dispensing Manufacturing Machine
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Tube Light Glue Dispensing Manufacturing Machine

Item No.:Tube Light Assembly Machine

    T8 Tube Light Glue Dispensing Machinie/ Tube Light Assembly Machine

    Tube Light Automatic Manufacturing Machine

    Principle Description

    Glass tubes stored at the feeding tank are brought to the work stations by drive chain. 10 PCB strips on the fixture sticks are being glued while being inserted to the glass tube. The tubes press down for few seconds and stick with PCBs. The whole process is finished when the sticks are pulled out and tubes flow to the next work station.

    Machine Features

    Specially designed for T8 Glass Tube Glue Dispensing, 10 glue valves are working at the same time, the designed capacity is 800-1200pcs/h;

    Suitable for different length of tubes: 600mm900mm1200mm1500mm;

    Ten glue valves are controlled independently. Glue flow is fast and accurate without drawing or leakage;

    Glass tube loading automatically and PCB loading manually, with high efficiency and saving labor cost;

    Time of pressurization and sticking can be set by touch screen for different types of glue;

    Oil cups are equipped under the nozzles to prevent the glue getting dry for longtime no use.

    Equipped two glue containers. When remaining glue in one container is not enough, the system will alarm and switch to the other glue container automatically without any time wasting.

    The whole machine are assembled with two parts, easy to disassemble for transportation;

    FPC soft board gluing can be available through upgrading the system;

    Technical Parameters



    Working Range


    Moving Speed


    Repeat Accuracy


    Power Source

    Compressed Air+Assisting Cylinder

    Glue Dispensing Volume

    Depends on Glue Viscosity

    Glue Container Capacity

    2600ml Silicone Pressure Barrel

    Glue Viscosity


    Control Mode

    PLC+Touch Screen


    Teaching Programming

    Program Capacity

    At least 100 units, 4000 points/unit

    Transmission Mode

    Stepping Motor+Synchronous Belt+Linear Guide-way

    Working Pressure


    Working Power

    AC220V 50HZ/2000W

    Working Temperature


    Working Humidity

    20-90% no condensation




    About 700KG

    Suitable Glue:2600ml single-component package for thermal conductive silicone

    Applications:LED T8 glass tube


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