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FLED Tube Light Assembly Line Making Machine
  • FLED Tube Light Assembly Line Making Machine

LED Tube Light Assembly Line Making Machine

Item No.:LED Tube Light Aging Test Machine

     LED Tube Light Aging Test Machine /Tube Light Assembly Machine

    1. Machine Structure:

    Ring chain conveyor, chain plate lamp holder, frequency control

    2. Function: 

    This equipment is dedicated to the inspection of LED bulb products and LED lamps. Through the high voltage, normal pressure, low voltage, high temperature, roaming, fluctuation and other voltage zones of LED lamps, observe whether LED lamps have short circuit, explosion capacitance, blackhead and so on. Detecting the use of the beat circuit and the roaming voltage zone analog LED light. According to the voltage situation of different regions in Europe and America, 110V LED lamps can be aged. The power system adopts a variable frequency speed control system and is easy to operate.

    3. Motor:

    The motor adopts 1500W motor, WPS80 type 1:60 reducer, three crystal 2HP inverter, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, line speed 2-6M/min adjustable.

    4. Chain Plate:

    Loading and unloading of tube light on both end of machine. Aging plate is 148×1540×15mm, and the whole line is about 120 pieces. Each piece of the chain plate is equipped with 4 pcs T8 lamp holders on each plate, and 2 audio clips are installed in the middle of the chain plate. In order to aging the LED tube and the integrated lamp tube; two conductive systems (copper) are installed at the bottom of the chain plate, and two conductive blocks are installed in each road, and two plates are installed in each plate.

    5. Capacity:

    The aging line can aging about 480 tubes at a time, and the aging time is about 1 hour; the daily output is about 3,840 tubes according to the calculation of 8 hours per day.

    6. Voltage Zones:

    10KW respectively 5 East-West regulators, 2 regulators 0-250V adjustable, 3 regulators 0-500V adjustable, a total of 7 zones on both sides of the line.

    Low Voltage Zone: 10KW0-250V self-propelled pressure regulator.

    Normal Voltage Zone: 10KW0-250V self-twisting regulators.

    High Voltage Zone: 2KW0-500V self-propelled pressure regulators.


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