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FLED Panel Light Aging Test Machine
  • FLED Panel Light Aging Test Machine

LED Panel Light Aging Test Machine

Item No.:LED Panel Light Aging Test Machine

    LED Panel Light Aging Carrier

                                                          Panel Light Aging Machine/ Panel Light Assembly Machine

    1. Function:

    The LED panel light aging carrier is a special production equipment for LED production. This device is dedicated to the aging of LED lamps.

    2. Carrier Frame: 

    The carrier are all made of 40×40 aluminum profiles.

    3. Carrier Baffle:

    Made of 4 points of PVC pipe, the whole line has 3 layers, the clearance between the layers is about 650mm, and each layer is installed with about 12 sets of 4-bit fast audio fixtures on one side. (where red is positive and black is negative). There are about 24 sets of speed acoustic fixtures on a single layer.

    4. Capacity:

    The full aging carrier can age up to 36 pcs 600*1200 mm panel lights or 72 pcs 600*600 mm panel lights at the same time. The aging time is based on customer requirements.

    5. Caster:

    The legs are equipped with four 3-inch Vientiane casters; two of them have brakes and two are universal.

    Aging Electric Cabinet

    1. Function:

      The aging electric box equipment is dedicated to the sophisticated detection of LED lights. Through the sophisticated voltage fields of high voltage, normal pressure, low voltage and shock of LED lamps, observe whether the LED lamps have short circuits, explosion capacitors, blackheads, etc. According to the voltage situation of different regions in Europe and America, the 110V LED lamp can be aged and the operation is simple. Switch shock low pressure atmospheric pressure high pressure a series of aging processes automatically switch, customers can adjust the transition time according to their own product needs, as well as the aging end time.

    2. Voltage Transformers:

      2 pcs 10KW voltage transformers. 3 zones are designed in the effective voltage zone, 1 0-250V voltage transformer is adjustable, 1 regulator is 0-300V adjustable

      Low Voltage Zone: 10KW 0---250V adjustable self-adjusting regulator.

      Normal Voltage Zone: accessed by the customer's factory 220V voltage.

      High Voltage Zone: 10KW 0---300V adjustable self-adjusting pressure regulator

    3. Electric Control:

      The voltage indication is digital display, and the whole system is controlled by 3210 AC contactor.




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