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FLED Panel Light Assembly Machines /Production Line
  • FLED Panel Light Assembly Machines /Production Line

LED Panel Light Assembly Machines /Production Line

Item No.:LED Panel Light Assembly Machines /Production Line

    14 Meters Panel Light Assembly Line / Panel Light Manufacturing Machine

      Panel Light Automatic Assembly Machines

    1.Size: 14000L×1900W×730Hmm


    This equipment is suitable for big size panel lights and all kinds of LED street light manufacturing. It is specially used for assembly of flow water. The power system adopts variable frequency speed control system, which is stable in performance, safe and reliable, and easy to operate.

    3.Motor Device:

    It adopts 2.2KW/380V motor, the running speed is 1-5m/min, and it is controlled by PLC. The head bracket is made of 40×40ק2.0mm carbon steel square pass welding. The head sealing plate adopts §1.2mm. A3 plate bending production.

    4. Machine Guild Rail:

    The guide rail adopts a special aluminum profile rail of 100×118mm, and the connection between the guide rails is made of A3 board, and the surface is spray-coated;

    5.  Conveying Chains:

    Adopt Suzhou high-quality P=38.1mm triple speed chain, all line layout;

    6. Machine Support:

    Made of 40×40ק2.0mm carbon steel flat pass welding, each bracket spacing is 2 meters. 

    7. Lighting:

    The lamp through bracket is made of cold plate and is made of 50×25ק1.0mm, 40×40ק1.5mm carbon steel flat pass welding. Each 2m section is arranged in turn, and the lighting is made by 18WLED fluorescent lamp. The entire line is arranged in order.

    8. Stations Bolckers:

    With the QX-I type blocker, each blocker is equipped with a foot valve switch control. Each tooling board is equipped with a set of blockers), and each side has 8 stations, so there are 8 pcs blockers and 8 pcs foot switch on each sides, total 16 pcs blockers and 16 pcs foot switch. Each station has 1 pcs working plate.

    9. Flat Top Transfer Device:

    Installed on both ends of the line body, the SMC jacking cylinder device is used for lifting and lowering. The conveyor belt is made of §5mm anti-skid conveyor belt. The two sides are arranged. The transmission power is set by the micro-fixing speed motor. The motor power is 90W1:25, and the tooling board is transported cyclically. A total of 2 sets;

    10. Working Plates:

    It adopts 18% high-quality wood splint and 2.0 anti-static rubber cover. The specification is 1200*600*20 mm. total 16 working plates in the whole line

    11. Control System:

    1)、All appliances are controlled by independent power supplies and equipped with power distribution cabinets;

    2)、The control system adopts PLC control of China Xinjie brand

    3)、Wire and cable and other small electrical accessories are all made by famous brand manufacturers;


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