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F8 Nozzles High Speed Pick & Place Machine
  • F8 Nozzles High Speed Pick & Place Machine

8 Nozzles High Speed Pick & Place Machine

Item No.:8 Nozzles High Speed Pick & Place Machine

    8 Nozzles High Speed Pick & Place Machine

    With the rapid development of the LED industry, the requirements for products and quality of automation equipment are higher. SST-S automatic placement machine is grandly introduced. It adopts the design concept of full precision lead screw + linear guide + full servo and is equipped with MARK point positioning visual function. At the same time of pursuing high-speed placement, it fully guarantees the stability of the high-speed operation of the equipment. It is an excellent LED placement machine with excellent cost performance.


    1. The X-axis, Y-axis, and feeding platform all use high-precision imported precision screw rods to improve the equipment's operating accuracy and transfer speed;

    2. The MARK vision correction system can take pictures and identify the position of the PCB board to ensure the accuracy of the placement.

    3. The Z axis of the chip head adopts 8 sets of imported small servo drives + precision screw rods to efficiently complete the LED reclaiming and unloading;

    4. Powerful function: Equipped with different feeders, it can complete the mounting requirements of various LED products.

    5. Simple operation: Chinese graphic operation interface, easy to operate. Simple programming, can save and edit the file, and call it at will;

    6. Convenient maintenance: The design is simple and easy to maintain. Low replacement cost and low maintenance cost.

    7. The software, circuit and hardware structure of the whole machine are independently developed by the company and have independent intellectual property rights.

    Application range

    1. Lamps: fluorescent lamps, bulb lamps, ceiling lamps, panel lamps, candle lamps, etc.

    2. Lighting: soft light bar, hard light bar, advertising module, etc.

    3. Screen type: LED table screen

    Reference configuration

    1.Control system: industrial control computer + precision motion control card + brand LCD display

    2.Software system: independently developed Chinese operating system

    3.Motor motor: Japan Panasonic original motor

    4.Mounting nozzles: independently developed multiple models of nozzles

    5.Sliding device: precision screw + linear guide

    6. Visual device: MARK point recognition

    7. Feeder: Japan's Yamaha pneumatic Feeder



    PCB Max. Size1500 ( X )*390 ( Y ) mm
    Max. moving range of Z axis12 mm
    Positioning Accuracy
    + 0.05mm
    Nozzle buffer range4.0
    Power Source220V, 50Hz
    Control System
    PC Computer
    Working Pressure
    Power800 W
    8、12、16、24mm feeder
    Components Range
    Above 0603 resistance capacitors and various 2835, 3528, 3014, 4014, 5050, 5630, 5730, 7070 and other LED chips, and compatible with various high-power chip mounting
    Feeder No.18 standard 8mm feeders
    MotorPanasonic AC servo motor
    8 pcs nozzles
    Motion drive systemAdvanced AC Servo System
    Component angleAny angle of 0-360 °, synchronous rotation during movement
    X / Y operation modeNew generation of linear interpolation linkage independent development software
    Air SourceImported vacuum generator
    Programming typePoint-to-point teaching programming, visual programming, can be optimized
    Machine Size2000mm *1100mm *1450mm

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