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FLED Panel Light Automatic Gluing Machine
  • FLED Panel Light Automatic Gluing Machine

LED Panel Light Automatic Gluing Machine

Item No.:LED Panel Light Automatic Gluing Machine

    Automatic Gluing Machine for Big Size LED Panel

    Now more and more companies choose the design of bottom light or front light, and this design requires the LED light bar to pass Glue glues it to the bottom of the light panel. Some factories stick 4, 6, 8, or more, depending on the design of each company's product. No matter what design, it involves the glued stick light strip. Process, if this process is realized manually, uneven glue application will occur, the speed will be slow, and it cannot meet the requirements of mass production. At the same time of high labor costs, the quality of glue application cannot meet product quality requirements, so The introduction of automatic dispensers is imperative. Gettis developed and designed this LED panel light multi-head automatic dispenser according to market demand.


    1. Equipped with 12 independently controllable dispensing valves, which can apply 12 strips at a time, and can also close some of the dispensing valves to achieve different numbers of dispensing

    2. The position of the valve can be adjusted left and right, adapting to the design of the strip mounting of different LED panel lights

    3. The self-developed rubber valve has good glue control effect, without drawing or dripping.

    4. With adjustable speed conveying line to match glue and worker operation rhythm

    5. The width of the conveyor line is adjustable to adapt to the LED panel lights of different widths, which can be connected to the assembly line.

    6. The production capacity is 500-800 per hour. With skilled workers and proper machine maintenance, the production capacity will be further increased.


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