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FLED Panel Light Automatic Screwing Machine
  • FLED Panel Light Automatic Screwing Machine

LED Panel Light Automatic Screwing Machine

Item No.:LED Panel Light Automatic Screwing Machine

    Automatic Screwing Machine for LED Panel

    The automatic screwing machine is composed of a feeding system and a screwing system. The feeding part, also known as a screw arranging machine and a screw feeder, is a relatively small type of screws arranged in a row to improve work efficiency. It is widely used in the electronics industry. One machine can be used for various specifications of screws.

    Equipment Characteristics and Parameters

    1. The machine automatically screws and locks automatically, and the screws do not need to be manually polluted by humans;

    2. It has intelligent detection such as sliding teeth, missing locks, floating locks, and tight locks to prevent dullness and improve lock payment quality;

    3. Fast locking speed, about 1.5-2.0s / screw, stable locking speed and continuous high-intensity work;

    4. The lock payment status, lock payment yield, production quantity can be monitored, and production reports can be generated to provide quality traceability;

    5. Good equipment compatibility, fast line changing speed, only need to call corresponding program when changing products

    6. It adopts dual Z-axis dual feeders to lock faster, and there is no blind zone in the middle of the lamp panel.

    Working Procedure

    1. Manually install the lamp panel into the fixture, press the start button, and the left and right electric batches start to lock the lamp panel at the same time;

    2. After locking the screws, cut the material manually and cycle in turn.


    Control PLCTaida PLC2
    Feeding SystemJYD 2
    Electric ScrewingServo Motor2
    Power DriverMeanWell2
    57 MotorLeadshine / Yakong
    86 MotorLeadshine / Yakong1
    Moving TrackHIWIN


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