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FPneumatic Screwing Machine
  • FPneumatic Screwing Machine

Pneumatic Screwing Machine

Item No.:Pneumatic Screwing Machine

    Hand-hold Pneumatic Screwing Machine

    1. Parameter


    - Air Screw Driver:Taiwang KILEWS Brand

    - Size:390x255x200mm( L x W x H )

    - Power Source:220V 50HZ

    - Power:30W

    - Screw Containing :M2x6 5000pcs

    - Capacity:50-70 pcs/min( Depend on screw length and labor speed )

    - Screw Output Speed:0.5 S / pcs

    - Working Pressure:3-5 bar

    - Weight:9 kg

    - Noise:< 65 dB

    - Screw Conveying Length:1-3 meter




    - Quick. Eliminate the movement of the hand, grab the screw, screw correction, etc., just align the screw hole position and lock it directly. A person who screws faster than 2 people greatly improves efficiency

    - Stable. The screw is automatically sent to the electric screwdriver through the signal, and there is no screw drop when grabbing.

    - Simple. Reduced operating procedures and greatly reduced labor intensity.


    3. Application


    - M1-M6 screw, thread length L and cap D satisfy: L>1.2D.

    - Screw head type: word, cross, triangle, plum, hexagon socket, etc.

    - Screw surface treatment such as: nickel plating, galvanizing, blackening, etc.

    - Screw materials such as: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.

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