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Downlight Automatic Packing Machine

Item No.:Downlight Automatic Packing Machine

    LED Downlight Automatic Packing Machine

    1. This machine is a 12-station cartoning machine

    The function is as follows:

    1- Standard color box automatically open and forming.

    2- Manually put the led downlight into color box.

    3- Check whether there is any incoming color box in the rotating station

    4- Color box closing (top)

    5- Color box closing (bottom)

    The product flows into unloading exit.

    Note: (The color boxes are manually placed at the storage bin.)

    2. Equipment size and other

    Size: See the picture below (reference size, depending on the light.)

    Weight: ≈ 700KG Rated working pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

    Operating speed: 50 pcs/min. Maximum working pressure: 0.8 Mpa

    Working voltage: AC380V/220V Motor power: 0.6KW

    Note: This device is suitable for regular color card trays above 250g!





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