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FLED Bulb Cartoning Machine
  • FLED Bulb Cartoning Machine

LED Bulb Cartoning Machine

Item No.:LED Bulb Automatic Cartoning Machine


    The machine can finish automatically all jobs such as automatic side lining,leaflet folding, carton opening automatically,Euro-hole folding,the stuff cartooned, carton sealing and so on .It can be used alone, or be linked with the other device, to be a production line.


    Manpower:                                                1 Person


    Capacity:                                                    50 pcs / minute


    Application:                                                LED Bulb, Downlight


    Working Pressure:                                     0.6 Mpa


    Voltage:                                                     AC 220 V


    Size:                                                          3200*1400*1650 mm


    Weight:                                                     1200 KG

     LED Bulb Automatic Cartoning Machine



    Main performance features:

    1. It adopts the packaging form of automatic feeding, opening the box, entering the box, marking the batch number, sealing the box, rejecting the waste, etc. The structure is compact and reasonable, and the operation adjustment is simple;

    2. Using servo / stepper motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, man-machine interface display operation is more clear and simple, high degree of automation, more humane;

    3. The use of photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system, empty bags without boxes, to maximize the savings of packaging materials;

    4. The packaging range is large, the adjustment is convenient, and the rapid conversion can be realized between various specifications and sizes;

    5. The specification does not need to change the mold, just adjust to achieve;

    6. It adopts the automatic stop of the item into the box and the main drive motor overload protection device, which is more safe and reliable.

    7. According to customer requirements, the use of upturned safety shield, easy to operate, beautiful appearance.

    8. Can be linked with aluminum-plastic packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, three-dimensional packaging machine, bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, online weighing instrument, other production lines and other equipment;

    9. Various automatic feeders and box-entry systems can be designed according to the requirements of the packaging;

    10. According to customer requirements, the hot melt glue machine can be equipped with hot melt glue spray seal box and mechanical brush seal box.

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