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FPanel Light, Flood Light Aging Test Machine
  • FPanel Light, Flood Light Aging Test Machine

Panel Light, Flood Light Aging Test Machine

Item No.:Panel Light, Flood Light Aging Test Machine


    LED Downlight, Panel Light, Flood Light, Street Light Aging Test Machine

    We are in the manufacturing of fully automated led bulb making machine, manual led bulb making machine, led lamp making machine, led bulb packing machine, laser printing machine, laboratory equipments for LED light.


    Rectangular Mixed Aging Test Machine for Tube Light, Panel Light, Flood Light, Street Light, Small Panel Light ( With Parameter Test Function )


    Panel Light, Flood Light Aging Test Machine

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    Machine structure: 

    Using chains links as moving way,trolley as lamps loading platform,frequency control system.It consists of line body,conductor rail,loading trolley,electric control.Line body is 8000 mm long, width 1750 mm.


    Working process:

    Normal environment temperature,different constant voltage,peak value changing voltage,constant impacting voltage,achieving complete aging test.

    The aging line is rectangular,having impacting aging, roaming aging, high voltageAging, low voltage, normal voltage. Adopting separate electric control cabinet, equipped

    With 10 inches Hechuang brand touch panel and 32 inches Hechuang PLC system.



    Adopting 1HP/220V frequency changer to adjust speed. Taiwang Yongkun Brand

    0.75 KW motor, 100 type 1:250 Jiacheng speed reducer, line speed 0--5 m/min.



    Adopting 40*40 standard square tube.Supporting foot is adjustable galvanized foot cup.Side protect is made of 25mm*130mm aluminum.


    Loading trolley:

    It is made of 1.5mm thick A3 board, and the specification is L600×W450×H800. There are 29 aging trolleys across the line. Each trolley can be aging 600mm T8, T5 one fluorescent lamp 20 pcs, 600×600mm panel light 4 pcs, street light 1 pcs, and small panel lights 9 pcs. 



    Reliable contact carbon brush conductive block, fixed on the carrier tube trolley. Two sets of each trolley, that is, zero, fire Wire. Each trolley is equipped with high-sensitivity circuit breakers and overload fuses. The bottom of each trolley is equipped with four high-temperature universal wheels, and the small trolley is hung on the pin shaft of the traction chain and runs along with the chain line pallet.


    Chain links:

    Using C2062t=38.1 roller long axis chain. The whole line of 16 meters chain, the track using 10 × 10mm square steel +40 × 40 × 3.0mm GB angle steel welding production, to ensure smooth operation and reduce operating noise.


    Conductive device: 

    Conductive Device:Using copper conductive slider and stainless steel conductive track, the middle of the line body is provided with four-way conductive slots, including the  3 phase line , 1 zero line all the way to ensure that the line body  power balance, the conductive rail is made of stainless steel. The trolley is made of copper sliders. The conductive slot insulation board is made of epoxy resin board to ensure good insulation effect.


    Voltage transformer:

    4 pcs 10 KW voltage transformers


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